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Dynamic installation, in collaboration with Omri Fisher.
When we take something as a souvenir, we remove it from its original place and replace it as a memory.

In this project we sought to change the "souvenir mechanism": When we take something as a souvenir, does it make it disappear? The project refers to taking a souvenir as an act that raises consciousness with regard to the connection between an object and a place. This act changes the object essence and recognition, disassembles and dispels it and, at the same time, honors it and its memory.

At the souvenir show "To the Glory" (Curators: Galina Arbeli, Adi Kerlitz), the viewers were invited to take a piece of the replica of the Separation Wall as a souvenir. This made possible to trace the relationship between the act of taking and the disintegration of the whole. And perhaps, as in the legend of Pygmalion who fell in love with his handiwork, the act of dissembling the Wall replica and taking its pieces as souvenirs, will become a  prophecy that fulfills itself. 

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