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Creating recognition of the presence of the Separation Wall in East Jerusalem for all residents of the city, even for those who seemingly are not affected by it. 

How can people live in a city with a concrete wall seven meters high and not see it? How does this sealed substance become so transparent? 

This project focuses on the stage in which the very existence of a Wall must be acknowledged as a precondition to any solution.

I chose different ways in order to comprehend the Separation Wall in many ways as possible: I took photographs of the Wall at different hours of the day. I walked along the wall, I collected objects alongside the wall, and I interviewed tourists in Jerusalem in reference to the Wall. Most significantly, I connected with a Palestinian friend who was standing on the Palestinian side of the wall, and discovered that through the gaps where the concrete units were attached to each other, we could hear each other. This very powerful discovery, for both of us made me think of the wall as a space of its own, where the voices coming from both sides merge within it. Planting a recording device in one of the wall's gaps enabled me to collect the "Sound of the Wall” and to create a replica that can be mobilized easily from one place to another. Thus, the way to create a collective recognition of the Separation Wall, or any wall, can be achieved by the use of the sense of hearing, which is the sense that penetrates the sealed material of the wall, and impart a different perception to that massive architectural structure.


ציוץ ציפורים מזנים שונים אין קולות

נוספים אולי זוהי שעת בוקר מוקדמת


زقيق طيور من أنواع مختلفة لا يوجد المزيد من الأصوات ربما الصباح الباكر


Birds chirps of different species There are no other voices Perhaps it is early morning

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